Our expert multi-disciplinary team has decade’s of experience across Capital Markets, Advisory, Securities & Funds Management.

We can assist institutional and accredited investors to evaluate opportunities within El Salvador.

Our Advisory Services

Raising Capital

Our team can assist projects looking to raise capital across a wide range of industries within El Salvador, help structure investment transactions, and distribute your opportunity to a network of investors across the world.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We can assist with the end-to-end M&A process, covering planning, research, due diligence, closing and implementation stages.

International Interests

Our team can work under a standard Mandate Model to help offshore companies or investors to find specific targets and opportunities.

Why Choose Volcán?

Boots on the ground

We’re actually in El Salvador, and have good connections across government, real estate, industry & technology sectors.

Early Mover Advantage

We’re in-place to take advantage of a rush of capital investment that’s expected after the re-election of Bukele in March 2024.

Proven Track Record

Our team has verified experience across Private Equity, Crypto/Web3/Bitcoin, Finance, Operations, Asset & Fund Management.

We’re Innovating

We deeply understand the new and forthcoming El Salvadorian Securities, Digital Assets, Property & Tax Frameworks.

El Salvador Report

Discover investment opportunities in El Salvador for 2024 by downloading our comprehensive research report. Fill out the application form to receive the report directly in your email.