Fund Specs

Term: Listed within 18 months.
Min Size:100k USD.
Management Fee:2%, calculated monthly.
Carry:20%, calculated 2x per annum.
Fund and Asset Manager: Volcán Capital Partners.
Yield payments: Quarterly in Bitcoin via Lightning.

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Technology Venture Fund

El Salvador has created a favourable environment for twenty first century businesses through it’s adoption of some of the world’s most comprehensive Securities and Digital Asset Laws. Featuring 0% tax on technology companies and foreign income, and a 5% tax on dividends, there is growth in the number of indigenous companies, as well as international businesses relocating their headquarters to the country or establishing regional subsidiaries to cater to the Central and South American regional markets.

Our Technology Venture Fund aims to give investors exposure to opportunities emerging across a wide cross-section of the technology industry, including but not limited to Crypto & Web3, Neobanks & Fintech, Material & Textile Sciences, 3D Printing, Energy, Biotech and other high-value added sectors.

There will be no cap on Assets Under Management, or the number of participants in the fund. This fund is tokenized on the Bitcoin Blockchain, enabling secondary trading, with yields streamed in bitcoin via the Lightning Network.

The fund is is Audited and Licensed and is available only to Wholesale and Accredited Investors. It is structured in the Bahamas as a Perpetual / Listed Private Equity Fund, meaning it is friendly to international investors with 0% tax. The Fund & Asset Manager is based in El Salvador, which also means 0% tax. Net Asset Values and Fee Crystallization will be calculated quarterly.

Planned Portfolio Mix

Exponential Tech Growth

We Invest in ES Technology projects that fit the thesis and meet the investment criteria of exponential tech growth.


We seek companies representing various financial instruments, services and products already popular or disruptive in 1st world nations.

ES Tech


El Salvador is expected to be the fastest growing Emerging Market 2022-2040, outperforming all EM indices and Benchmarks.

Bitcoin Standard

The Fund is tokenized on the Bitcoin Blockchain for secondary trading & yield is streamed to LP’s via Lighting.

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Fund Auditor & Accountant
Monroy Asociados
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