El Salvador is rapidly becoming one of the friendliest countries in South America for Foreign Direct Investment.

At Volcán Capital Partners, we are focused on enabling our clients to gain exposure to the next twenty years of prosperity through our bespoke funds that are available to accredited and wholesale investors.

Real Estate Investment Trust Fund

Technology Venture Fund

Why El Salvador?

It offers individuals and companies various tax advantages with a strong legal framework for web3 and high technology, an increasingly business friendly environment, strong legal system to protect assets, and low rates of personal and corporation taxes.

It’s growth-focused government is fostering economic expansion as a bridge between South and North America.

El Salvador is primed to become one of Central America’s equivalents to the Tiger Economies of Asia;

  • Since the government has cracked down on gangs, it experienced a 11.2% spike in growth in 2021, and is maintaining a healthy growth rate of nearly 3%, with projections showing the economy doubling by 2037.
  • The eradication of gangs has also led to an explosion of domestic industries as confidence returns to its citizens.
  • New Securities and Digital Asset laws are fostering a growing Fintech and Neobank ecosystem.
  • Domestic infrastructure is being improved through government investment, as well as inward investment funded by South Korean and Qatari funds, as well as wealth transfer from the bitcoin ecosystem.
  • The economy is beginning to shift from a production to services economy and it is focusing future growth on becoming a tech hub and to position itself as a venue for export-orientated tech enterprises.
  • It has achieved energy independence, with universal access to power largely derived from renewable sources including solar, wind and geothermal power from it’s world renowned Volcanoes.

Win-Win opportunities

Volcán’s capital deployment will generate high relative value jobs within the country, and investors benefit from a streamlined tax-free structure to gain exposure to El Salvador’s projected growth.

Currently there are no local;

  • ETF’s / ETN’s
  • Listed Companies
  • Public / Private Funds

From the outside, it is not easy to deploy capital without significant complications. We can help you overcome these hurdles by combining experience, local knowledge, boots on the ground and industry partners with a track record and access to deal flow and capital.

This helps you de-risk your exposure and simplify the process of investing in the country with bespoke tailored services and turn-key financial vehicles.