Who are we?

Founded by Fran Strajnar in 2021, Volcán Capital Partners is a next-generation funds and services firm for the Bitcoin Era.

With nearly a decade’s experience in high-tech and cryptocurrency industries, we have incorporated our firm to take advantage of the wide range of opportunities that exist in El Salvador today.

As the country recovers from decades of gang rule, the country has moved into a growth trajectory, and has become one of the most forward thinking economies in South America, and has pivoted towards web3 since the adoption of bitcoin as a national currency.

This is bringing with it significant inwards investment, and gives investors in the country a window of opportunity to take advantage of a rapidly growing and modernising economy.

Fran Strajnar

Our Expertise

  • Volcán Capital Partners is uniquely positioned to manage investments and assets with “boots on the ground”
  • We can manage and report on your investment and exposure, whether you have acquired part of a El Salvadorian business, or in its entirety.
  • We offer Custom Funds Management to Family Offices, High Net Worth Individuals (HWNI) and Private Equity portfolios. Our team can assist with a range of local functions including research on local firms and industries, through to approaching, negotiation with and ultimately acquiring local businesses, and supporting it going forward with relevant reporting on custom portfolios.

What we’re doing?

We have partnered with a number of key firms to assist in the creation of a portfolio of funds that are available to enterprise investors and accredited investors in several areas that we forsee as growing rapidly over the next decade.

The portfolio comprises funds in value investing, a REIT poised for property value growth post-stabilization and MS13 Gang defeat, a tech fund for local and international firms establishing South American HQ, and investments in web3 and blockchain companies drawn to the country’s favorable regulations, no capital gains tax, and acceptance of bitcoin as legal tender.

Where are the funds based?

Funds are domiciled in the Bahamas, while key personnel are based on the ground in El Salvador for the forseeable future, as we explore investment opportunities up close.

The Volcán Advantage

  1. We know how to source, vet and manage dealflow
  2. Our network affords us early access to the best dealflow
  3. We’ve done this before and know how to scale
  4. El Salvador is the most exciting opportunity in a chaotic world. Volcán Funds are our 20+ year vision
  5. We have boots on the ground and finger on the pulse
  6. Volcán’s team is based in El Salvador & has good connections across government, property, industry & tech to get the job done
  7. Early Mover
  8. A rush of capital investments is expected post March 2024 upon president Bukele’s re-election. Volcán is geared to be established early to meet demand