Fund Specs

Term: Listed within 18 months.
Min Size:100k USD.
Management Fee:2%, calculated monthly.
Carry:20%, calculated 2x per annum.
Fund and Asset Manager: Volcán Capital Partners.
Yield payments: Quarterly in Bitcoin via Lightning.

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El Salvador Real Estate Investment Trust Fund

As the security situation in the country continues to stabilize, Real Estate in El Salvador is currently seeing a period of rapid growth. Some regions have already seen a doubling of property values between 2020 and 2023. Projecting forward, it is expected that specific developments and locations may see up to triple digit capital gains between now and 2030.

The country now features highly on the global “Crane Index” with a dramatic increase in new apartment, residential and commercial property builds, as well as tourism focused developments. These include the Stage 2 El Encanto Golf Resort and the $300m waterfront Ocean Breeze Eco Hotel, Villas & Beach Resort development, among multiple other “Western Standard” developments across the country.

This is also being fuelled by huge inwards investment in infrastructure projects including new or upgraded ports and airports and the $410 million Los Chorros extension to the Pan-American highway which will improve connectivity, transport and trading links to other countries in the region, and the planned Bitcoin City at the Gulf of Fonseca.

There are also many agricultural property opportunities that exist, as a national exercise begins to strengthen food security across sectors including fruit, coffee, sugar cane and other exportable goods, potentially offering double digit yields. The country has also not yet standardized the Real Estate Brokerage Market (although laws are incoming in several years time), which is currently is creating value investing and arbitrage opportunities for approximately the next 2-4 years.

There will be no cap on Assets Under Management, or the number of participants in the fund. This fund is tokenized on the Bitcoin Blockchain, enabling secondary trading, with yields streamed in bitcoin via the Lightning Network.

The fund is is Audited and Licensed, and structured in the Bahamas as a Perpetual / Listed Private Equity Fund, meaning it is friendly to international investors with 0% tax. The Fund & Asset Manager is based in El Salvador, which also means 0% tax. Net Asset Values and Fee Crystallization will be calculated quarterly, and is available only to Wholesale and Accredited Investors.

Planned Portfolio Mix

A balanced portfolio

We Invest in property with a focus to balance high capital gains over the decade with reliable yield.

Early mover

The market is only now in 2023 starting to pick up on the back of greatly improved policies. 2+ decades of growth are expected.



El Salvador property is expected to be the fastest growing market in LatAm, outperforming all Central American property markets.

Bitcoin Standard

The Fund is tokenized on the Bitcoin Blockchain for secondary trading & yield is streamed to LP’s via Lighting.

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