Volcán’s Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve collated many of the common questions we get asked about our firm at meetings and conferences, but if there’s something you would like to ask and it’s not here, feel free to contact us or send an email to hola [at] volcan [dot] capital and one of our team will be happy to answer!

About Volcán Capital

Does Volcán Have a Minimum Investment Requirement?2023-12-04T14:46:42+00:00

Volcán’s services are designed to accommodate a range of investors. While some strategies may have minimum investment requirements, we work closely with clients to tailor solutions that align with their unique circumstances. For more information, you can visit our Fund page or contact our team.

What are the benefits of working with a capital management firm like Volcán?2023-12-04T14:49:02+00:00

A capital management firm can provide businesses with a number of benefits, including:

  • Access to a team of experienced and qualified professionals who can assist businesses in developing and implementing a comprehensive capital management plan.
  • Expertise in a wide range of financial disciplines, including investment banking, asset management, risk management, tax, immigration law, and other immigration services.
  • Access to a network of investors and other financial institutions without the need for a physical presence on the ground.
How Can I Stay Informed About Volcán’s Latest Updates?2023-12-04T14:44:58+00:00

You can stay informed about Volcán’s latest news, insights, and updates by visiting downloading our El Salvador Report and signing up to our newsletter.

Additionally, we maintain an active presence on Twitter/X at @VolcanCapital where we share valuable information and insights.

What Sets Volcán Apart from Other Investment Firms?2023-12-04T14:40:29+00:00

Volcán distinguishes itself through its dedication to client success, a commitment to research and innovation, and a passion for financial education. We prioritize the long-term financial well-being of our clients above all else and have the track record to prove it. Recognizing a significant opportunity in El Salvador, with favorable government policies, improved demographics, reduced crime rates, abundant natural resources, and a commitment to building and growing a healthy economy from the ground up, we see ourselves as the bridge between the pulse of El Salvador and potential investors.

How Can I Get Started with Volcán2023-12-04T14:38:53+00:00

To get started with Volcán, either fill in our contact form or simply reach out to our team by email to hola [at] volcan [dot] capital.

We’ll schedule a consultation to discuss your financial objectives and determine how our services can best meet your needs. Your journey toward financial success begins with that first conversation.

How Does Volcán Approach Investment?2023-12-04T14:36:45+00:00

At Volcán, we adopt a data-driven and research-intensive approach to investments, with a geographical focus on Latin America. We are committed to staying ahead of market trends and identifying opportunities that align with our clients’ goals. Our aim is to provide a disciplined, long-term strategy that focuses on key growth areas for clients who share our vision of a prosperous Mesoamerican future.

What Services Does Volcán Offer?2023-12-04T14:35:37+00:00
  • Investment Management: Our expert team creates and manages diversified portfolios to maximize returns and minimize risk.
  • Wealth Planning: We work with clients to develop personalized wealth plans that align with their financial objectives.
  • Financial Education: Volcán offers educational resources and guidance to empower clients with knowledge and confidence.
  • Relocation Education: Volcán offers resources for guidance on relocating to El Salvador including immigration services, visas, tax advisory and travel assistance.
  • Research: Volcan employs a team of researchers with decades-long experience covering trad-fi, macro-economic, property and digital asset landscapes.
  • Funds: Volcan has several general and sector-specific investment vehicles to give exposure to El Salvador’s expected growth.
Who are Volcán’s Target Customers?2023-12-04T14:32:50+00:00

Volcán caters to a diverse range of clients, including:

  • Individual Investors and High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI): Whether new to investing or an experienced hand, our services are designed to meet unique client needs and financial goals.
  • Families & Family Offices: We understand the importance of generational wealth. Volcán assists families in building and preserving wealth across generations.
  • Businesses: Make the most of El Salvador’s favorable tax and domicile policies and contribute to the growing network of companies working together in El Salvador while improving margins.
  • Institutions: Volcan partners with institutions, such as foundations, endowments, and pension funds, to manage assets and deliver strong, sustainable returns.
What is Volcán’s Purpose?2023-12-04T14:32:45+00:00
  • To help clients capitalize on the explosive growth of El Salvador by addressing issues of distance, geography, and sector-specific expertise.
  • To simplify the investment process and provide clients with the confidence and necessary tools to make informed decisions about the potential benefits of investing in El Salvador.
  • To help grow and protect client wealth, regardless of the investment objectives.
What is Volcán’s Mission Statement2023-12-04T14:32:32+00:00

To deliver exceptional value and personalized solutions through innovative investment strategies that empower our clients to secure their financial future in the evolving world of finance.

What does Volcán mean2023-12-04T14:32:15+00:00

Volcán means ‘Volcano’ in Spanish. The name was chosen in reference to El Salvador’s famous topography and ready access to geothermal energy, as well as its explosive growth prospects over the next several decades.

What is Volcán Capital?2023-12-04T14:25:27+00:00

Volcán Capital is a forward-thinking investment firm dedicated to assisting individuals, families, and institutions in navigating the complexities of today’s financial landscape within El Salvador. We specialize in a range of investment solutions, including funds, wealth management, and advisory services, with a focus on sectors poised for rapid growth within El Salvador, such as property, technology, and infrastructure. Additionally, we offer tailored strategies for investors seeking more bespoke solutions.

Investing in El Salvador

What are the risks associated with investing in El Salvador?2023-12-04T14:53:38+00:00

As with any international investment, investing in El Salvador carries risks. These risks include:

  • Country risk: El Salvador is a developing country with a history of political and economic instability.
  • Currency risk: El Salvador uses the dollar, which tethers it to the United States. This can be positive or negative depending on various macro-economic factors.
  • Liquidity risk: Some investments in El Salvador may be difficult to sell or liquidate.
How can investors capitalize on the growth of the Salvadoran economy?2023-12-04T14:52:35+00:00

Investors can capitalize on the growth of the Salvadoran economy by investing in a variety of asset classes, including:

What are the opportunities for capital investment in El Salvador?2023-12-04T14:51:04+00:00

El Salvador is a rapidly growing economy with a number of investment opportunities in sectors such as infrastructure, real estate, energy, tourism, and technology. The country is also home to a growing number of startups and small businesses within the service sector and agricultural industry seeking capital to expand.

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